Jackie Ann and Kendall

I’m a retired carpenter and Jackie Ann my wife is a active school nurse. We have been involved with caring and enjoying the company of dogs from childhood on.

Jackie Ann grew up in a household where dogs were present and cared for as family members. Her compassion and understanding of their needs both physical and emotional is amazing.

I grew up on a small farm in a rural area in central Missouri where I enjoyed my hunting dogs. As a young man I was taught by my grandfather and three uncles the qualities of  hunting dogs.

We trained our dogs and enjoyed the bond between skilled hunters that they became and the friendship that we shared.

We are located in the Branson Missouri / Northern Arkansas area of the USA.

  We purchased our first KBD in 2015 from a breeder in  Alaska 

for our farm where bears travel through in their search for food. After just a few days we realized that she had superior qualities. As time went on we both agreed that this was the most amazing breed of dog that we have been around. We then decided to purchase a male and share this amazing breed with the area of Branson and the surrounding areas.